Exciting December News

Golden Apple Award

Congratulations to Ms. Gladney for winning the Golden Apple Award!!!

You are truly the Best!!!!

Credit Union Prize

Brainerd Teacher wins $500.00 from Chattanooga Area Credit Union.  Congratulations Maj. Blowe!

Brainerd Can Goods Drive By Larrisha Bush

Students at Brainerd High School were questioned on why they should donate can goods. The students said they donated cans so they could get a dress down pass (this is a day where students don’t have to be in their school uniform). I also asked the students the importance of donating can goods. Their responses were varied:  “because its children who don’t get to eat everyday like we do” or “they maybe didn’t get to eat for thanksgiving” so we felt as though we donated to the children in need out of kindness and because we care. Brainerd High School decided to do this to make a change in the school. We like getting the students to donate at this age because they most likely will continue to give back as they continue to grow into adulthood. 

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